“Female Mad Tyrant Cool” Chapter 4

{Edited by Chinthani}

After that day when Aurora was caught, Su YanXi didn’t really do anything. She just tacitly accepted the fact that Aurora would accompany her to hunt from that day onwards.

Despite 007’s constant hoots about the female lead faking it, Su YanXi was still swayed by Aurora when she was on the verge of tears, fearing that she would be thrown away. 

This sight compelled Su YanXi to go over and lick the tears forming in Aurora’s eyes and show both ecstasy and pity for the snow hare-cat, who seemed as if she were hanging by a thread. Su YanXi couldn’t help but soften.

Wasn’t it because the female lead wanted to hunt with the other snow leopards that she became like this? In addition, she was far more pleasing to the eye compared to the original text’s persevering, herbivorous, peaceful, and contented female lead. 

The pretty little beast licked her own paws and said with some guilt, “007, that…”

【It’s not scientific! I absolutely won’t accept it! I don’t understand, I completely can not understand! Waaahh——】Why For what reason would the female lead willingly become like this?! Did she catch the trembling M sickness or was she reborn?! 007’s background was replaced with lightning flashes and thunder rolls, with a gloomy and dark jagged cloud.【You are violating the Capture the Male Lead Principle of the Department for Female Task Allocation! The Lord System will not qualify you!!】

No matter how much 007 raged, it was still at a loss and rolled up into a ball irritably, consulting the《System Instructions Handbook》《Looking for the Most Suitable Capture Route》《How to Effectively Complete a Task》 et cetera. The books that had been previously collected were left lying around. 【Sure enough, these books are all a scam! This is undoubtedly in accordance with the Operation Capture Handbook! Why would the plot suddenly be distorted like this!? Boohoohoo QAQ】

There was not a single player in the department who had encountered a problem like this. All the seniors were accompanying their hosts, perfectly completing task after task. Unfortunately when it was 007’s turn… the grouchy cloud started to wilt and roll up into a ball, sobbing spasmodically and sitting in the corner.【I’m sorry, SuSu… it’s all because I’m useless. I can’t even find a solution and would only add trouble for you wuwu…】

Su YanXi sighed. Using her soft paws, she lightly pushed toward her the currently raining cloudball. “What random thoughts are you having now? You’re not to blame and besides, it’s not that big of a problem, so why still try to find a solution?” 

【How do I say this?】007 hesitated for a moment. The little cloudball timidly showed a pair of watery eyes. It rubbed against her face and, carrying a hint of expectation, asked.

“The task is just breaking up a CP, isn’t it?” She suddenly found her partner to be very adorable. Su YanXi reciprocated the rubbing and couldn’t help but slightly open her mouth. “Even if I don’t have a blackened female lead, it won’t prevent the Lord System from giving me the main plotline evaluation.”

In fact, in the beginning, the task for the employees in the Department for Female Task Allocation was just to break up the CP. However, the seniors accidently found that the capture route of “blackened female lead snatching the male lead” would result in a higher evaluation after the completion of the task. And so the department tacitly approved of this method.                

007’s eyes brightened and jumped. The magical cloud backflipped and landed on top of a rock. It’s whole body trembled and incoherently said 【Oho, SuSu, you’re brilliant! Right, even if you didn’t succeed in blackening the female lead, you snatched the male lead, thus completing the main plot task! Then the final evaluation wouldn’t be as low. In this way, so long as you get high marks in the next world’s task, there won’t be any problems. Then let us work hard hahaha—】

Su YanXi looked at the little cloud dancing in joy. She could only shake her head and helplessly smile. 

In any case, she had been raising the female lead all this time. Moreover, she had confirmed that Aurora does not hold evil intentions towards her, and even treated her with intimacy. So letting Aurora become blackened… perhaps Su YanXi was really unable to easily let that happen.

Thus when Su YanXi looked at the dying breaths of the tiger that had once thought of them as prey tiger, her feelings were complex.

She really didn’t understand. What exactly was it that made the original text’s delicate and kind female lead decide sharpen her claws and teeth, becoming the hunter of invaders?

Could it be because I forced her to eat raw meat? 

Considering this possibility, Su YanXi bit her lip, guilt and shame emerging from the bottom of her heart. She did not know what to feel.

After confirming that the tiger was dead, Aurora turned around and spat out a mouthful of fur. She smacked her lips and turned around to see the snow leopard staring blankly. Aurora was elated and smiled.

Just now, Alice must have seen how heroic I was ehehehe~ I wonder if she would admit I am equal to her in terms of strength? Oh, she probably will?

Seeing Aurora smugly running over, her gradually-long tail swaying, her face full of requests for praise, Su YanXi hastily put away her chaotic emotions and sat on the grass, calmly patting Aurora’s head.

Aurora squinted her eyes in joy. How nice, I can finally help Alice.

The female lead seemed to have calmed down. The corners of Su YanXi’s mouth slightly raised, feeling an indescribable gratification. 

…Later, the Su YanXi who had been filled with endless gratification, looked on with a stony face as two furballs once again tangled together. She began to leave with her stony face—

So this was this world’s male and female leads huh… hehe.

007: How inexplicably shameful (/▽\)

Seeing Alice unhappy about the two fighting, the extremely dense Allen couldn’t even reflect for 3 seconds and gave up fighting, as Alice would deal with this d*mned savage rabbit. Who could’ve expected that in the next moment, Aurora would swiftly hold down Allen’s head. 

He only saw the petite hare-cat suddenly pressing down on his head. Her paw firmly pulled his white tail and turned around at the same time. Her rear legs nimbly trod on Allen’s face. Then she took the opportunity to speedily catch up with Alice.

Allen who got kicked in the face and was now dejectedly laying on the ground: “Aowuuu QAQ!”

Lately, this hare has really become more savage, even telling Alice to save her. Wuwuwu ~(>_<)~

And Alice, whom Allen was internally calling out to, was now silently watching at the non-stop rolling on the ground, whiny, acting spoiled, and pretending to be pitiful hare-cat. In short, she was stunned by the female lead’s shamelessness.

Even if the bullying was so cruel it was off the charts, the female lead would unexpectedly act cute and pitiful in order to win her favor, while clashing with the other small animals… why is it that when she appears, the female lead turns into a green tea b*tch and a carnivorous flower? Just where is the snow hare who was said to be a delicate, kind-hearted, herbivorous, pacifist white lotus?! Even the snow leopards, who were at the top of the food chain that bullied the weak hare didn’t know what to do! 

 —Simply not scientific enough!


The comforting times were when Aurora was acting cute, in accordance to her schemes. Little by little, she got to spend more time accompanying Alice to hunt. And so in the blink of an eye, next year’s autumn had arrived.

All the small animals gradually grew. Even Aurora started to assume a big cat form. The more she grew, the more she differed from her past self, a lovable hare.

The snow leopards were beginning to enter breeding season.

Su YanXi thought to breathe a sigh of relief after 007 informed her that she won’t have estrus, when she suddenly felt something wasn’t right. She turned around and was shocked to see the snow hare-cat, smiling with joy in her eyes, striding step after step towards her. 

Her posture was alluring, leaning forward in front of Su YanXi. While the other party was busy being baffled, Aurora raised her neck slightly, exposing her frail nape, the place where snow leopards like to attack. Aurora’s watery red eyes were quickly replaced by a smiling expression determined to have her way, when the snow leopard subconsciously gulped. Alice’s flexible and strong tail seized the opportunity to intertwine with Su YanXi’s tail…

Su YanXi gulped again, seeming to  understood what the female lead was hinting towards. She couldn’t help but shake her off, curling her tail. Then she stumbled backwards. She exploded into hairs and fled in horror.

 Au-aurora was seducing me!?

007:【…Based on the female lead’s actions, there’s no mistake. Too odd. Shouldn’t the female lead be in heat at this time?】

The hairs on Su YanXi’s body exploded. “Is that the main point?! The main point is obviously why the female lead would do this!

Identically stupefied 007:【……】Unanswerable, for I have crashed.

This was at a time when Su YanXi’s self control was at its weakest. Her attempts to resist did not hinder the female lead from always thoughtlessly sticking to her side and using all kinds of methods to seduce her.

Now, Aurora was basically a walking hormone. She was even more in heat than the other snow leopards. Her ruby eyes twinkled, emitting ray of charm. Without sparing a second, she seized every opportunity to lure Su YanXi, in hopes she would give in and do it— practically like a green tea b*tch.

What a pity. Because Su YanXi wasn’t affected (such a golden finger), she did not fall into Aurora’s traps even once. On the contrary, the happy male snow leopards, who were accidentally enticed and stepped forward, were all ferociously beaten up by the savage Aurora. — As for the ones who had gone looking for Alice, they had long since been taught a lesson and dared not approach her again.

Aurora looked at the beautiful snow leopard, who was still as calm and cold as in the past. She couldn’t help but feel gloomy and dispirited. Her beloved Alice is still so determined ah.

She thought with vexation and fixed her gaze at the proposition-persistent Allen. Then she slowly closed her eyes, displaying her anger with an eerie smile— 

Since Alice didn’t fall for her trap, it would be better to change the target to this idiotic dunce of a hindrance to the affection between Alice and her.

Meanwhile, Su YanXi worried about when all the commotion would end. Although she had previously considered seizing Allen, she had no plans of mating! Since of late, she had also become worried and troubled by the conspicuous and unyielding female lead, Aurora…

The beautiful snow leopard sighed inwardly. It was strange that Aurora hadn’t seized the opportunity to stick close to her. Turning around, she saw two snow beasts rolling together once again. She couldn’t help but stand up in astonishment. 

Wait, this was the mating season of the snow leopards.. How could Allen be fighting?

…wrong, this was definitely on the premises of mating!

How terrible. Su YanXi’s heart tightened and she promptly made her way over. 

No matter what the situation, she must not let those two roll in the cavern!

End of Chapter 4! Thanks for Reading!

Footnotes- Magical Cloud– a reference to “The Journey to the West.” 筋斗云 is Su Wukong’s cloud.

Exploded into hairs– Like the hairs sticking up from a very scared cat.

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